Functional Medicine

Functional Health is about bring the body into Optimal Health. We took at the body holistically, with an evidence-based functional approach.

Functional Health or Functional Medicine is basically concerned with how all the different body systems are operating and whether the body is in harmony. Functional health practitioners seek to create optimal health!

How is it different from general health practitioners like a doctor or naturopath?

First, we don’t diagnose, nor do we prescribe. We work with a client to understand their symptoms, listen to their life experiences holistically, look for dysfunction clues (symptoms) and seek to help the body come back into balance. In Functional health, we think of ourselves as Health Detectives look for healing opportunities to help the body return to its normal functioning. We use 5 pillars of health in a holistic protocol to assist our clients.


By the time we hit our 30s most of us have some dysfunction.

What do we mean by dysfunction? Well, if you have any symptoms, illness or disease, you have some level of dysfunction. The level and type of dysfunction is what Functional health seeks to understand, using highly sophisticated questionnaires and Specialist Functional Labs.

We all have some dysfunction, because most of us, even if we try and live as cleanly as possible, all still suffer stress, hidden stress, trauma, poor diet or nutrients, toxins and many more factors!

So by the time women hit Perimenopause in their early to mid-forties their bodies already have a level of dysfunction. When our bodily systems start to dysfunction, it creates a domino effect on our health.  

Functional health looks at the 12 major body systems, including biology, endocrine, gut, thyroid function.

Functional health is concerned with identifying root causes. We work on a bio-individual,  holistic approach, which is client-centred. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all philosophy here!

At Enjoying Menopause, we focus on the root causes of Metabolic Chaos. Metabolic Chaos is what causes most illnesses and symptoms.

As a Certified Functional Health Diagnostic & Nutritional Practitioner, we do not diagnose or treat. Instead, we work as a HEALTH DETECTIVE to find key dysfunctions in the body using holistic analysis and Functional Health labs. We use holistic protocols to support the body to bring itself back into balance.

Functional Medicine
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