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Career Change Coaching for Women

Menopause is an amazing time for a woman. 

Often, women who are able to alleviate their symptoms, become mindful and self-aware in this period are inspired to change careers, achieve new goals or start a business. 

But doing so can be frightening and confusing!

That’s where our Career Change Coaching for women comes in.

We offer 1-2-1 Career Coaching and Group Coaching to enable women of all budgets to gain the support they need.


What is Career Change Coaching?

Deciding to change careers can be daunting at any age.  In mid-age, women often decide they want a change of scene but not sure how or what to do.

Vanessa has worked with hundreds of professionals and leaders to change their career mid-life.

From experience, we know this is a highly individualised journey.  Some women are suited to self-employment, some to running a bigger business and some find their true passion and pursue a career that makes their heart sing.

There are some common themes that most coaching programs involve: