Curative Coffee
Start your day with a smile

This Curative Coffee truly is MAGIC! It will assist your digestion and assist in removing excess toxins from your gut. It satisfies your need for a coffee and is supporting you at the same time!

Curative Coffee is based on an Ayurvedic principle of panchakarma, which includes consuming Herbal GHEE to detox. When I was in India, training for my Ayurvedic Certificate, I had to eat a 3 x 400 ml jars of medicated ghee (butter) straight in a week. I was supposed to eat a jar a day, but couldn’t stomach it! Despite that, I still had a great detox.

I can’t tell you how hard that stuff is to get down your neck!  In Ayurveda, using Ghee or oil is specifically used to cleanse the gut. Ayurveda has for thousands of years purported that the gut is the real reason for dis-ease.  I.e. Your gut determines everything. 

As with most other areas of Eastern tradition, there is a growing body of research-based evidence that suggests this is in fact the case! Now SCIENCE is starting to agree! In particular, we now know the link between stress response – gut health – immune and disease (illness)!  

When I came home I adapted the thinking to something more palatable!

This recipe is built on these same principles, using warm oil to move through the digestive system to assist in carrying out toxins from the gut. You will notice a difference at the other end 🙂

It’s super easy and delicious!



  • Decaf espresso organic coffee black
  • 1/2-1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil
  • Add organic milk, almond milk or coconut milk if required


  1. Put the coconut oil in the cup first.
  2. Make your black coffee. Ensure it is warm but not boiling. AVOID instant coffee as it already has too many chemicals in it.
  3. Pour the coffee over the oil and stir at the same time.
  4. Add milk or froth if required.

It’s best not to add sweetener. If you absolutely have to, use stevia (which is natural, won’t interfere with your blood-sugar and is non-toxic).