Functional Pathology Lab Tests

Functional Medicine

Functional pathology lab tests are highly specialised, rigorous, and sophisticated lab tests that show exactly what is happening with key metabolic processes in the body.  

These tests require specialised training (that most GP’s don’t tend to do), to interpret results for optimal health markers and to correlated markers to identify clues for healing opportunities.

Functional pathology tests are used to investigate functional, biochemical, nutritional, methylation, DNA, metabolic and hormonal status. 

We use a number of different functional lab tests depending
on the individual circumstances

Below are the key tests that we use.  We use NutriPATH as the preeminent laboratory in Australia.

 This is not an exhaustive list, but more of an indicative approach. 

Each client completes various questionnaires to determine what would be the most valuable tests to quantum leap their health results.

We use the best gut test available, known as the GI MAP.  

Most people don’t realise that chronic illness, including mental illness has origins in the gut, whether leaky gut, poor gut bacteria, hidden viruses or parasites.

For women with menopause symptoms, it is rare for there not to be a gut issue. For instance, the gut plays a part in hormone and neurotransmitter balance, in energy levels and of course in our nutritional levels.

This tests saves hundreds of dollars and at least a year of trialling different approaches.

The GI Map pinpoints what we need to do to bring the gut into balance. 

Learn more about the GI Map test here


We use the most sophisticated and valid hormone test on the market, known as the Dutch Plus test. This tests tells us exactly what is happening with your hormones and your stress levels.

This is important in resolving hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue and a myriad of other symptoms.

The Dutch is far superior to blood tests, that have no real value in understanding what is happening with your hormones.

To find out more about the dutch, click here

The OATS or Organic Acid Test is a truly phenomenal and sophisticated tests that helps us understand a myriad of functions or dysfunction in the body, including how you are absorbing nutrients.

In particular, it helps us understand your metabolic function. Metabolism is the sum of chemical reactions in living beings by which the body builds new molecules and breaks down molecules to eliminate waste products and produce energy.

Unfortunately, most of our food these days have low nutritional value and combined with pesticides etc… our bodies often don’t function as well by the time we hit our 30’s. 

This test provides amazing insights and helps us get your body energised, more youthful and helps with weight issues along with providing clues on what we can do to fast track alleviation and even elimination of symptoms and some chronic illnesses!

 Organic acids are organic compounds that are acidic. Organic acids 

We use Great Plains OATS which is the best on the market.

To find out more about the OATS test, click here


Food sensitivities are NOT allergies. 

Food sensitivities are exceptionally common! Food sensitivities create a myriad of symptoms including autoimmune disease. 

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Most of us have been exposed to a high level of toxicity, especially by the time we hit our 30’s. There are toxins everywhere!

Research suggests an average women is subjected to tens of thousands of chemicals a day!

This test packs so much information into such a simple sampling process.

Heavy metals and low essential minerals also cause illnesses, particularly related to mental health issues.

Find out more about HTMA here.

A functional thyroid test is different to the test your doctor orders.  In functional health, we have different markers to your doctor and we also look at different levels.

Most peri and post menopause women have some level of thyroid dysfunction, even if they are not clinically hypo or hyper thyroid.

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