Enjoying Menopause

Group Magical Menopause Program Coming October 2021!

Our Evidence-Based, Functional, Holistic program is launching in September 2021!

The program is delivered LIVE via online webinar over 12 weeks and will help Pre, Peri & Post-menopausal alleviate their menopause symptoms, gain insight and empowerment and find their JOY again!

All programs are evidence-based with strong success rates across numerous research projects.

For those who book and pay prior to 31 September, the program will be 50% off at $199 USD. That’s less than most yoga or health classes!

The program will focus on:

Menopause is a significant life stage for women and is an inevitable natural ageing process. Perimenopause (Menopause Transition) generally occurs for women between 40 and 55 years old and can have a significant negative impact on career and quality of life. In addition, they have higher rates of anxiety, suicide rates, and fewer career options. Menopause symptoms can last up to 15 years (although it could be longer)!

Suffering is NOT COMPULSORY!

We also know from research, that changing mindset and beliefs is as powerful as taking HRT!

There are over 50 million women globally suffering from menopause. Research shows Menopause Transition (Perimenopause) and the first four years Post-menopause are the most symptomatic and can last up to fifteen years. Some women report symptoms in their nineties. 

Most books and information, especially medical information, pushes women to take HRT as the “gold standard”. Research shows approximately 80% mild to severe symptoms and most seek natural alternatives. Menopause is a highly complex and individualised situation and many women find it unsettling, confusing, upsetting, and uncertain. There is little support for menopausal women globally.

There is a distinct lack of information about alternatives to HRT in the general public domain, causing confusion for menopausal women. 

Furthermore, much of the information focuses purely on the sex hormones Oestrogen and Progesterone, however, from a functional health perspective and research, we know that in fact these play a part but are not the full story!

In fact, when we correct functions in the body and bring it back into balance, menopause symptoms can be reversed! At worst, women gain significant alleviation of symptoms.


In Magical Menopause Program, Vanessa Giannos will help women with premature menopause (under 30), surgically induced menopause, cancer-related menopause, perimenopausal and postmenopausal  women to alleviate symptoms. 

The groups have a maximum of 30 women per cohort. This group becomes deeply bonded and provide support to each other in a specially designed program and facebook book.

Vanessa combines evidence-based scientific proven methodologies, proven functional health protocols, with ancient wisdom, such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, that is simple for women to understand, educate and empower themselves.

Vanessa Giannos brings a unique perspective to menopause. Vanessa herself suffered severe menopause due to a traumatic event in her early 40’s. Vanessa is an expert in menopause, she is currently doing a Doctorate in menopause and stress, has spent ten years researching menopause and using a natural and holistic approaches to help women completely eliminated menopause symptoms. In addition, Vanessa will blend her HR expertise, Behavioural Coaching, PhD studies and holistic practitioner experience and knowledge to bring a practical, natural approach to alleviating menopause symptoms.

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