Step One: Book your free Discovery call

We’ll arrange a mutually convenient time to go through you individual situation.

Step Two: We'll send you a questionnaire

We’ll email you a questionnaire that will help us understand your symptoms and goals. 

This also helps you to articulate you issues more clearly if you need to speak to other health professionals.

Step Three: Your Discovery call

You will have your discovery call with Vanessa Giannos, who has been through what you have been through and knows how you feel. Vanessa will help you understand how functional health and coaching works and we both determine if this service is right for both of us.  Vanessa works with women who are motivated to get resutls.

Step 4: Get real answers & start feeling better

You’re here for real answers. Where appropriate you will do your functional lab tests to dig deep to fast track your success, uncover healing opportunities that no one has found for you yet.

We’ll also start with our 5 pillars of health coaching approach. Whether you want to alleviate hot flushes or night sweats, improve sleep, lose weight, get anxiety under control or improve your mood.

We’ll start working on relieving your symptoms straight away!

Vanessa will design your individual, evidence-based, natural protocol so we can get to work on getting you feeling better quickly.

You’ll love the step-by-step approach to self-care that gets you not only looking and feeling better fast,

but also helps reverse symptoms and build sustainable health.

Meet with your coach very two weeks for questions, course-correction and accountability

You will meet with your coach regularly in the first 90 day program to get you on track and ensure we tweak protocols for maximum effect.