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Enjoying Menopause was started with a simple, but powerful and necessary idea: educate, empower and support pre-menopausal, perimenopausal and menopausal women globally to quickly and effectively alleviate their menopause symptoms naturally.

About our Founder - Vanessa Giannos MCIPD, MA, FDNP

Vanessa Giannos

Vanessa has over 25 years experience as an Internationally qualified human behavioural and change expert, with over 20 years as a holistic Health and Wellness Coach & Energetic Kinesiologist.

Vanessa is Masters qualified and is currently undertaking her Doctorate in Menopause & Stress.  

Vanessa is certified in over 20 modalities, including: Functional Diagnostic Practitioner, Health Coaching, Behavioural Coaching, Life Coaching, NeuroScience, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP, EMDR, Clinical EFT, Clinical Aromatherapy, Reiki, PsychoNeuroImmunology, Ayurvedic Medicine, Energy Medicine, Kinesiology certifications and much more.

Vanessa's own Menopause Journey

Vanessa suffered the onset of Perimenopause at 42.  At the time, Vanessa didn’t realise that the symptoms were actually Perimenopause. It took 4 years to realise it!  

Vanessa knew what was going on was hormonal, and at NO time did her Doctor or Gynecologist suggest her obvious symptoms were a result of Perimenopause!

Vanessa has worked with hundreds of women, and most have had a similar experience. Many have been dismissed by medical professionals!

The crazy hormonal changes led her to pay a rare visit to the doctor to do some tests to find out what was going on with her hormones. This lead to Vanessa discovering that she had early stage Cervical cancer at 43.

Once Vanessa overcame this, she assumed her hormonal rollercoaster would ease. To her horror, her gynaecologist casually informed her ‘oh, no, those symptoms have nothing to do with the cancer’ and did not offer an alternative diagnosis.

Vanessa used her knowledge of psychoneuroimmunology and functional health knowledge along with extensive behavioural psychology, Eastern natural medicine and health knowledge to manage the rollercoaster.  

This solution worked and at 45, she was able to start training for a 3 month Trek in Tibet and then onto Everest Base Camp. On her trip, Vanessa nearly died of severe altitude sickness (HAPE) and hypothermia. This triggered severe stress response in her body and when she returned to Australia the familiar symptoms appeared again. 

Having survived the near death experience, Vanessa once again managed herself naturally back to balance. Due to the damage done trekking, it took 6 months to recover her body and eliminate the symptoms again. Vanessa thought this was the end until age 47.

At 47, Vanessa experienced several traumatic events over a six month period that bought her Menopausal symptoms back with a vengeance and then went into over-drive.

“I thought I had previously suffered significant menopause symptoms, but I was wrong! The previous bouts had nothing on what happened when I was under deep traumatic stress. My symptoms went into overdrive. I was hot flashing every 10 minutes and of a night, night sweats were every 20-30 minutes. I’d go from boiling to freezing in one fell swoop. I was exhausted! I also had anxiety, brain fog, memory issues, and a whole bunch of other symptoms and of course my mood swings were on some kind of crazy rollercoaster from hell”.

“At the time, I had a very demanding corporate client, where I was travelling around the world for six months to 40+ degree heat and working 70 hours+ per week! 

I knew what it would take to eliminate the symptoms naturally again, but it would be more difficult when I added regular jetlag and other work-related stress issues, not to mention the traumatic personal situation. The natural process takes about 6-10 weeks to accumulate benefit and for the symptoms to subside”.

“At this point I became desperate, like so many Peri women do and decided against my better judgement to go on HRT. One of my mates was on it and said it helped her greatly, so even though I dislike popping pills, I went ahead on the assumption I would do it for 6 months, whilst travelling. I didn’t care, I wanted more instant relief and I thought it too would just eliminate all my symptoms. I wanted INSTANT relief!”

“Well you can imagine my disappointment, when after 4 weeks, I had a little relief! However, the side effects were I had extreme bleeding and anemia and I put on 12 kgs in 10 weeks! Clearly my body was not having a bar of it”.

After 3 months, not much had changed. Her flashes and night sweats had reduced by about 30% overall but that was it. “HRT had no affect on my mood swings, anxiety and brain fog”.

“After 4 months, I came off HRT in deep disappointment. I then started researching the scientific evidence based research on Menopause in every spare waking hour. I was shocked about what I DIDN’T know!”

At this time, Vanessa discovered Functional Medicine and in particular Functional Laboratory Tests and became qualified as a Functional Diagnostic Health Coach and Practitioner in the US.

“To date, I’ve read about 30,000 pages of scientific literature and I discovered that stress is a key predictor of frequency and severity of menopause symptoms. I wasn’t surprised, because I then realized since 42 I had been naturally eliminating the menopausal symptoms with my normal stress reduction without realizing it!”

“I became so passionate about Stress and Menopause, that I decided to become a global expert and undertake my Doctorate in the subject”

“I am super passionate about educating women globally, so they don’t have to suffer unnecessarily. I am also super excited to be incorporating these scientifically proven techniques into programs to help women globally. I combined the scientific evidence with my own 25 years of health and wellbeing knowledge and experience and successfully eliminated my symptoms again and now I want to help others”.

“My research and working with menopausal women has convinced me that I am onto something. I started helping other women and they too started experience positive outcomes”.

“So now more than ever, I am on a mission to ensure the millions of women every year suffering from menopause can gain relief naturally and start to enjoy this amazing stage of a woman’s life. It is liberating, freeing and enjoyable when you know how!”

I want ALL women globally to understand the menopause change process holistically, as medicine tends takes a narrow view of Menopause. Most women suffer more than just some hot flashes and night sweats. I want everyone to have access to easy to digest information that is validated by research. I also want to provide proven effective natural solutions for all women globally”. That’s where my functional health and psychology expertise comes in. Few women realise that menopause is actually a bio-psycho-social-cultural phenomenon. Research shows psychological interventions work as well as HRT! Few women and MOST doctors do not know that!”

Vanessa believes given her experience and the experience of hundreds of other woman, that USR “unconscious stress response” (a term coined by Vanessa to explain what is really going on) is responsible for much of the affect of Menopausal symptoms. USR disrupts our metabolic systems and this is why we can suffer hot flushes, anxiety,, depression, thyroid and weight gain etc….  Also because we’ve lived a little, our adaptive capacity to bounce back to optimal health gets reduced”.  

Functional health helps women regain their adaptive capacity, reduce and often eliminate symptoms, often with more insight, more health and more wellbeing! Vanessa has even helped women change careers or start new businesses as part of her mid-life coaching approach.

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