• magnesium
    Are you magnesium deficient? Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body. Magnesium is essential for our health and is involved in over 300 metabolic reactions. Especially, important for energy production, nerve signalling, muscle contraction and blood pressure regulation1. Should you take a magnesium supplement? If you think
  • covid 19
    Are Menopausal Women more at risk of Covid 19? Based on recent research about Covid 19 and marrying menopause research, the result suggest menopausal women may be at higher risk for Covid 19 and the more severe form.In this article, I discuss the research and what you can do as
  • sleep
    Today is WORLD SLEEP DAY! I know, menopause has a habit of interrupting your sleep, so you may be thinking BIG WHOOP (that’s an aussie term- i.e. big deal:). Some symptoms like anxiety and night sweats are main contributors to poor sleep in menopause. In Functional Medicine, we view symptoms as
  • depression
    Omega 3, SAMe, Vitamin D supplements found to boost the effects of antidepressant medications In recent review1 research evidence regarding supplement and depression, to research team at Melbourne University found taking some nutrient supplements together with antidepressants can enhance the medication’s effects. The review research evidence of 40 clinical trial
  • Women are often confused about why there doctor might suggest going on anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication for menopause.  There are some reasons for this.  This blog post briefly discussed this issue in simple terms. Many women can’t HRT, because they have a contra-indicator for it (e.g. Breast Cancer) or they simply don’t want
  • In this post we answer the most common diet questions related to menopause. Is Keto right for Menopause?We answer this question in a separate post here.Does Soy assist menopause?The research on soy is conflicting and confusing.  Some research insists that phytoestrogens are bad, especially thyroid function. Others say it is