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I came to become passionate about helping women enjoy their menopause having been through horrendous symptoms myself. As a holistic practitioner of over 20 year and a phd student I started deep diving the research and realised that there is a great deal of quality information missing for woman.

I personally had the experience of not realising my menopause had started. It started at around 41 in hindsight, but it wasn’t until 48 when my symptoms skyrocketed to out of control, that my gynecologist said oh yeah, you are probably peri-menopausal.  

I now know I was in the final stage of peri-menopause.  It would have been super helpful to know that earlier!

So if you know any women in the late 30’s or early 40’s make sure you share this blog with them!  Let’s educate women!

As I have discovered, from talking to hundreds of women, like me, most women don’t know the process of menopause.

These blogs, our survey and our ebooks will share validated research and condense evidence-based research and information to help women globally enjoy their menopause!

I have relieved myself of horrendous menopause symptoms, and I will share some of that with people on this blog.

As a PHD student, I’ve spent more than 600 hours knee deep in the menopause research.

I am still working through the evidence of what works naturally and pulling together themes. 

Over the next few months I will share the findings.

It is worth noting that most of the research is based on pharmaceutical HRT a) because pharmaceutical companies are rich ad b) it is much easier to conduct evidence based research with pharmaceuticals.

I am not going to report on HRT as I am not an advocate.  All companies  selling HRT have research online for you to read if you are interested.

When it comes to a natural holistic approach, it has been notoriously difficult to get evidence based research. 

This is because the process requires everyone be treated the same and so therefore not holistically!

As a holistic practitioner we look at the whole person and their experience, body, mind & spirit.  As a Kinesiologist I work with the person’s body and higher body intelligence. No two women ever require the exact same treatment.  This makes traditional research very difficult (as you must have like for like).

Evidence based research is more of a subjective experience of how people feel after the treatment.

In any case, we’ll be sharing the theory and research for differing methods. 

As I take a  psycho-somatic approach to all illness and dis-ease.  Menopausal symptoms, like most symptoms are phycho-somatic.

Natural, complementary therapies actually work by activating the mind-body’s natural healing process (i.e. placebo effect).  

Pharmaceuticals compete against the placebo effect to prove their pills work better.  In holistic medicine, we are deliberately activating the placebo effect. 


Stick around as we work through the natural therapies evidence.

The good news is I have had great success with clients applying a number of natural therapy techniques. This gives woman hope globally.

We are currently trialling a number of products that will be available soon.


Vanessa Giannos





Menopause Research
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