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Gain relief for your menopause symptoms naturally!

Contrary to popular belief, Menopause symptoms are not just a result of lowering oestrogen.  In fact, our whole endocrine (hormonal system) and our digestive tract (gut) affect our hormones, balance and moods!

When our body’s are in stress response it creates all sorts of metabolic changes, creating disruption and chaos of your whole endocrine (hormonal) system, including metabolic chaos, affecting our digestion, which also loops back into further disrupting your endocrine system (hormones).

In particular stress response has a major impact on Menopausal Symptoms. Stress response deactivates your digestion system, changes your reproductive hormones and impacts the whole endocrine system, muscles and joints and much more!

What causes stress response

A myriad of things.  If you have have started menopause (changing period cycles, hormone/mood swings are early signs), then your body will be in some level of stress response (battling to bring homoeostasis and balance back to your system).

Further, any pain, illness or dis-ease, also creates low level stress response in the body (physical).  There is of course emotional stress , this includes anger, fear, anxiety, general stress, trauma, mental illnesses, and spiritual stress response (e.g. distress over where your life is going).

And that is not to mention the stress for the body of excess toxins in our food and environment, excess stimulation (through devices) and increased fast pace of life!

So as you can see, it is SUPER easy for your body to be in stress response!

However, the body is amazing and continually strives to bring itself back into equilibrium (homoeostasis).  When it needs to do this on a regular basis, it starts to malfunction and slow down due to overwork! 

My hypothesis based on years of stress response research data is that the body can only cope with a certain amount of stress response and then it starts to become dysfunctional, allowing imbalances, physically and emotionally.

This is seen in emotional responses, physical responses, hormones and digestion changes predominately.  I expect that there is a maximum load that the body is able to efficiently deal with by homoeostasis before the whole system becomes sluggish and overloads which creates dis-ease.

I also believe that this is different for every person. Like a fingerprint, each person has their own stress response capacity (which is a mix of DNA, lifestyle, diet, illnesses and life events).

The Menopause literature points to stress as an issue related to symptoms.  My own research and the research I conduct with my clients suggests that stress response IS the issue with menopause symptoms.

Therefore, the hypothesis is – reduce your stress response – reduce your menopause symptoms. Further magnesium is depleted with stress and gut issues ensue, creating a nasty cycle, resulting in menopause symptoms.

I have noticed in my own experience and in clinic that as our bodies comes into more balance, so your symptoms reduce and can be eliminated.

More on how it all works in a webinar later on, but that should be enough background for now.

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